Willie Dieminzzz Remix!

What’s good, friends of ShoutSet!?

A while back we had the idea (whilst on one of our regular epic drive across North America) of individually remixing our own music.  We were going to possibly put them out with some new singles/other remixes/etc but obviously that didn’t really happen.  But that’s cool cuz we’re going to make some of these tracks available as free downloads for our awesome friends and fans!

The first remix is up and ready for your listening pleasure…Guilt Trips Sinks Ships (Willie Dieminzzz Remix) morphs the original hit from Reintegration Time into a weird marcher with, “…an awesome epic/ominous vibe.” – Nik7

Check it out
Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Willie Dieminzzz Remix) by Willie Dieminzzz
or listen in our audio player on this very website!

ps – stay tuned for more remixes from the boys (who will it be? Poppa? Nik? Jaycie? gravy? Snarf?)

2 comments to Willie Dieminzzz Remix!

  • Cory

    When are you coming back to Vancouver?!! I missed you last time and was sooooo bummed! Please don’t say you’re coming Augong weekend…I’ll be drinking wine in the Okanagan!

  • Not sure when we’ll be trekking west, but I doubt it’ll be in or before Augong.

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