Gerard McLellan | 11.2012 | Myer Horowitz Theatre | Edmonton

In case you missed the whole she-bang at the Myer Horowitz, here’s a link to the live YEG taping of CBC’s Q. Listen as Gravy gets Billy-Bobbed by Nik and Jian, and Will gets re-introduced as Warren.

Khotin Remix

A new bubblebath friendly remix of Wayward Satellite from our/your pal Khotin.

JOTS Remix + GUH Video at URB

Mosey on over to URB and check out the Jokers of the Scene remix of Wayward Satellite plus the video for NTIGUHIFMBN.

Mooger Fooger Audio Set

A few people have asked for uncompressed audio files from the mooger fooger experiment, so here they are in a downloadable soundcloud set. Ka-boom!

Willie Dieminzzz Remix!

What’s good, friends of ShoutSet!?

A while back we had the idea (whilst on one of our regular epic drive across North America) of individually remixing our own music.  We were going to possibly put them out with some new singles/other remixes/etc but obviously that didn’t really happen.  But that’s cool cuz we’re going to make some of these tracks available as free downloads for our awesome friends and fans!

The first remix is up and ready for your listening pleasure…Guilt Trips Sinks Ships (Willie Dieminzzz Remix) morphs the original hit from Reintegration Time into a weird marcher with, “…an awesome epic/ominous vibe.” – Nik7

Check it out
Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Willie Dieminzzz Remix) by Willie Dieminzzz
or listen in our audio player on this very website!

ps – stay tuned for more remixes from the boys (who will it be? Poppa? Nik? Jaycie? gravy? Snarf?)

Emperor Machine / Headman / Mugwump Remix 12″

SO4 remix labelsA

We’ve been sleeping on these remixes for a while now and we’re pretty pumped to finally get this off to press. Admittedly, we love Emperor Machine, Headman and Mugwump a metric ton so we’re officially stoked to have all three on one plate! We should hopefully have these back in time for the Easterly fall tour, barring any unforeseen Icelandic volcanic activity. You can pick one up at a show, or pre-order/order one here. Gotta also thank Pirate’s Press for churnin’ these out quickly like the consumate pros that they are.

A1. How Do I Maintain (Emperor Machine Remix) 9:33 | Listen
A2. In The End It’s Your Friends (Mugwump Remix) 9:18 | Listen
B1. Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Headman Remix) 5:56 | Listen
B2. Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Headman Remix Instrumental) 5:55 | Listen

SO4 Moby Remix

wait for me

Mistake (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix)bythelittleidiot

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks but Eyjafjallajökull disrupted my workflow.
Check out Nik and Jason’s Mistake remix from Moby’s upcoming .
Download the tracks and/or dl the remix mash-ups..
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How Do I Maintain (Emperor Machine Remix)

One of our favorite producers, Emperor Machine, recently did a fantastic remix of our song ‘How Do I Maintain’, off of our most recent album ‘Reintegration Time. Check it out: How Do I Maintain (Emperor Machine Remix) by Shout Out Out Out Out