Emperor Machine / Headman / Mugwump Remix 12″

SO4 remix labelsA

We’ve been sleeping on these remixes for a while now and we’re pretty pumped to finally get this off to press. Admittedly, we love Emperor Machine, Headman and Mugwump a metric ton so we’re officially stoked to have all three on one plate! We should hopefully have these back in time for the Easterly fall tour, barring any unforeseen Icelandic volcanic activity. You can pick one up at a show, or pre-order/order one here. Gotta also thank Pirate’s Press for churnin’ these out quickly like the consumate pros that they are.

A1. How Do I Maintain (Emperor Machine Remix) 9:33 | Listen
A2. In The End It’s Your Friends (Mugwump Remix) 9:18 | Listen
B1. Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Headman Remix) 5:56 | Listen
B2. Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Headman Remix Instrumental) 5:55 | Listen

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