Situational Abs

BRO! One of the jams from our first album ‘not saying / just saying’ is going to be featured on MTV’s Jersey Shore tomorrow night (thurs. Aug 5th, episode 2)!!! You can fist pump along to ‘Procrastinator’s Fight Song’, just like you did in the Atlantic City episode of the first season. That’s right, this is the second time Jersey Shore has featured ‘Procrastinator’s Fight Song’ in an episode! The last time they featured our epic dance jam about poor time management skillz, Snooki totally wiped out while dancing on top of a sofa as the song played, so we are looking forward to seeing what kind of wacky shenanigans go down this time around. I’m kinda hoping that they have a fist pumpin’ air guitar sesh, and the Situation plays his situational abs like a keyboard. Hit the GYM, do some TANNING, put in a fresh load of LAUNDRY, and tune in to MTV tomorrow night at 10 pm ET/PT to check out the drama! Jersey Shore episodes are also available streaming -here- in Canada, and -here- in the US.

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