Audio Department Session 2 Pt.1

Here’s another quick peep into the schtudio as we record the new album. Ben Stevenson breaks everything, Willie plays some baritone guitar and Brett Miles shreds some chelly. Plus an intro to studio pooch is studio pooch.

Chariots of Fire!

Another quick vid from the Audio Department!

xoxo Two Take Jake

Album Tracking part 1

A brief video from the first batch of sessions at The Audio Department. Such a pleasure to work there we forgot to film much of the proceedings.

Bad Choices Video

Bad Choices video by A.J. Bond and Chris Von Szombathy.
We’re pretty pumped to present the new video for Bad Choices. For all you who have ever pondered laboriously over hotdog vs. banana or knife vs. knife, this video is for you. While you’re at it, check out Chris and AJ’s amazing Soft Serve video for more gastronomic decision making fun.

Tour Blog Victoria!

Tour Blog – Vancouver II

Tour Blog – Vancouver!

Tour Blog – Calgary

Tour Blog – Red Deer!

A Tribute...

To our pal Jaycie Jayce!
Oh, I should note that this video has some language that is not safe for all working environments…