Playground #7

We’re a little late on posting this on our site but shit has been hectical. Here is the live Playground episode we shot here in Edmonton a few weeks back. Thanks to everyone who came out for this! The Playground team did an insane amount of work on this as witnessed in the extensive behind the scenery section of this video.

Now That I’ve Given Up Hope – Cosmic Chairs Version – A/V Remix

Here’s an epic 18 minute reworking of our track Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better. This was originally going to be an audio complement to the raw chairs footage that we projected on NYE. Once the audio remix was done I felt compelled to give the video the full treatment as well. Et voila! An epic slow roller track with some of giant saxophone stax courtesy of Brett Miles!

Quarter Note Video Tweet!

Video Premiere at Black Book

Check out the video for Now That I’ve Given Up Hope I Feel Much Better over at Black Book.

BTS Video!

I shot a lil’ bit of behind the scenes footage the other day while we were making the video for “now that I’ve given up hope, I feel much better”. Hope ya dig it!

18 Mooger Fooger Modular Synth PT.3

The final video with the Mooger Fooger synth, we did this one back in April but it took me a while to edit as things are getting hectic here. This one also features the twin handsome hand models Will & Jaycie, working da knobz.

18 Mooger Fooger Modular Synth PT.2

18 Mooger Fooger Modular Synth

We collectively piled our mooger foogers onto one table top and made an all Moog modular synth! Check it out. Psssssttt… Did you see the cat’s tongue?

Audio Department Session 2 Pt.3

Audio Department Session 2 Pt.2