Memory Lane Pt.I / Parlour Pt.2


Sandy Karpetz | 2004

Another small treat from our pals at Parlour, here’s a quick wrong turn down memory lane via Sandy Karpetz diary. While I’m at it, there is also a brief behind the scenes cut of our pic-a-nic out at Elk Island Park here. No elk, plenty of Bison, wharf beer and aforementioned lake foam.

SOSfest Guilt Trips video

A fairly lo-fi onstage camera excerpt of GUILT TRIPS shot during the SOSfest, July 12, 2010. This show was a ton of fun and I really hope this becomes an annual event here in YEG!
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Fake Synths Process Post

For our Coming Home video we needed some burnable synths. Being a handy guy with a skill saw and plumb bob I whipped up three fake keyboards based on the Sequential Prophet 5, The Moog Voyager and a large 5U modular. It nearly destroyed my mind and I ended up basically pulling 3 all-nighters to finish in time. Anyway, the plan was to make them look as authentic as possible and to that end, I think we succeeded. Here are some pics of the process…

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Good ol’ Days With Mr.Groock

If you’ve ever seen our band in Saskatoon, you may have seen yours truly alongside the legendary Jaycie Jayce in the merch “booth”.  This photo is from one of our earlier visits.

Hang Loose!

Actually….this photo is from SXSW when we toured with 120 Days.  Oh well, you get the idea right?  I’m more like gettn’ the hang of this website, dude.

West Edmonton Mall, Phase I

Spending more in one day than I make in 8 months frightens me.

Width Test mit OJ

lil bugger

lil bugger

This is OJ. A tiny orange pain in the ass.