South Country Fair

Well… somehow our gig plug got broke and our South Country Fair show didn’t get added properly. See you tonight in Ft. McCloud! #pumped

Spring Tour Photo Set

I got the film back unusually quickly this time, and my trusty old Pentax is finally showing it’s age. Last legs. Click here for the set, or peep them all after the jump.

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Summer 2012 B&W Photo set

Do you see the ghost Will in that photo? There he is, RIGHT THERE..
Gallery after the jump, or here or here.
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Test Pressings!

Vinyl test pressings are in!! Better than Christmas! I Can’t wait to see the gatefold artwork in large format.

SXSW 2012 Pics

Got the pics back from our trip to Austin. Peep them here or after the jump.

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Studio / BC Trip Photoset

Finally got back the latest satchel full of B&W films. Check em out in the gallery here, or after the jumper

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NYE 2012

SO4 | NYE Starlite |2012 | Chris Armstrong | Echo Industries

A pic from the three drum stack NYE show courtesy of our pal Christopher Armstrong of Echo Industries.

DCMF B&W Photos!


I finally got the rolls of black and white from our trip up north developed. Peep them here or after the jump.
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While we were in Dawson City for the excellent Dawson City Music Festival, Peabody’s Photo Parlour hooked us up with an old timey band photo! Yay! Gravy slept in and missed it, and Will decided to just wear what he was wearing that day anyway…

Cold Blooded Old Tymes

the big O

So I was rummaging through a shoebox and found 4 expended rolls of Tmax b&w film. I had no idea what they were from or when they were taken. It turns out they were from our 2007 (uh.. I think?) tour to SXSW with our Norweegie buddies 120 Days. These are a complete grainy mess, either from operator error/drunkenness or from improper storage in box over a hot air register. Anyway, this was a fun tour back from when I still drank and jumped trains at night. Gallery here or after the jumper.

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