Have you always wanted to play in Shout Out Out Out Out?


Guess what? Now you can! On May 16th, we will be doing a taping for Playground, which involves inviting 80 of our wonderful fans to come and record a song with us at a top secret location! That’s right, YOU will be performing with us on the song! You don’t have to be a musician or bring anything, we will provide you with instruments, and show ya what to play (it’ll be easy, I promise). Beer will be provided! This is first come, first serve, and will fill up fast, so go sign up NOW at

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  1. Cale Bennett:

    My comment is that i ordered some records from you back in february and i have not received them or any reply to emails i sent to the store email address. Order#1309. So …. Just wonderin whats goin on.

  2. Cale Bennett:

    Jeez – sorry i didnt realize that comment would go up on the page like that. Feel free to delete it.

  3. poppaneedsanap:

    Well it got our attention at any rate. I was pretty sure our orders were up to date and everything has shipped. I will confer with Jaycie about your order and get back to you via email.

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  5. test:

    PLAYGROUND! « Shout Out Out Out Out

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